Harm Podcast was created by me, Professor Elizabeth Yardley. I’m a criminologist who specializes in the study of homicide and violent crime. It often seems that violence is all around us. We hear about it in the news, we see it in films and crime drama and we fear becoming a victim of it.

I created Harm Podcast because I wanted to tell the stories of violence and those affected by it. But Harm Podcast goes further than other true crime media. It goes beyond the well-worn path of simply describing violent acts by asking the question “What does violenceĀ do?”. What function does it play in contemporary society? In what ways does it reinforce or challenge the status quo? How do violence and harm relate to questions of power and status?

Each series of Harm Podcast explores these questions in relation to a specific topic. Series One focuses upon serial homicide and will launch in August 2018.

Harm Podcast will beĀ available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.